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Education and Teaching majors will learn the ins and outs of creating lesson plans, running schools and educating students from infancy through adulthood. Within Education and Teaching many students focus on a particular area of teaching such as Early Childhood Education or Health Teacher Education, while others prepare for other education careers such as Education Administration and Supervision.
College and university bachelor's degree programs are common for Education majors because they're required for most teaching positions. Master's degrees are also offered in Education and can qualify students for counseling and administrative positions.

If you already have a bachelor's degree in another subject and want to change careers, you could consider a certificate program or associate degree program in Education. These degree programs will also prepare students for entry-level assistant, aide and tutor positions. To excel in the Education and Teaching major you should have fantastic verbal, written and listening communication skills. For early childhood education careers a love for children is a must. Being patient, energetic, compassionate, caring and organized can help in Education and Teaching careers, too.
With these skills and a desire to help others learn, you should consider related majors including Curriculum and Instruction; Educational Psychology; Educational/Instructional Media Design; General Education; Physical Education Teaching and Coaching and Secondary Education.

Choosing a Education and Teaching School

Education and Teaching schools are located throughout the country. If you want to teach in a public school, look for college and university bachelor's degree programs. If you're changing careers or simply want to work in the school system in other positions, technical schools, online schools, career colleges and community colleges have programs as well. Your student-teaching internship will provide valuable experience so ask abou the details. Also, make sure any potential programs will help you meet your state requirements for employment in Education and Teaching.

Education and Teaching Degree Programs

If you aspire to teach in the public school system a college or university Education and Teaching bachelor's degree is the way to go. Though you can complete the first two years at an online school, career college or community college to attain an associate transfer degree. During bachelor's degree programs at colleges and universities you'll learn teaching techniques, education philosophies and skills related to your chosen specialty. Student-teaching internships are generally required to attain your degree.
Some students seek certificate or associate career training degrees in Education and Teaching from a career college, community college, technical school or online school. Often, these programs are designed for career changers already holding a bachelor's degree in another subject or students seeking careers working as school librarians, office clerks, day care workers or teacher's assistants.
Master's degree programs in Education and Teaching from colleges, online schools and universities are the way to go for higher-paying careers in school administration, curriculum management and school counseling. These advanced degree programs are also great options for career changers holding bachelor's degrees or students wishing to gain expertise in the field of Education and Teaching.

Online Education and Teaching Degree Programs at Online Schools

You can find online degree programs in Education and Teaching, too. Choosing an online school can help if you're already working and want to change careers because you can study on your own schedule. Your online degree will prepare you to take a state certification exam and you'll likely need to complete a student-teaching internship as part of the online school program, too.

High School Preparation

If you're interested in pursuing the Education and Teaching major in college, start preparing in high school. Keep your grades up in all classes, but if you wish to teach in a certain area such as math or art, take extra courses and hit the books hard in those subjects. You can also take advantage of the all the teachers and educational professionals you have at your fingertips--don't be afraid to ask questions or seek teacher assistant roles. If you can, work as a tutor, kid's coach, dance teacher or camp counselor.

Popular Careers in the Field of Education and Teaching

Overall, the career forecast for Education and Teaching looks good. Elementary, middle school and high school teaching positions go to bachelor's degree holders. Usually master's degree holders seek school counseling, curriculum and instruction and school administration careers. Certificate and associate degree-holders find jobs at the assistant, aide and tutor level. Annual salaries for Education and Teaching range from $20,000 to $78,000 on average.
Bachelor's degree and master's degree holders will find the best and highest paying positions. Better opportunities are found in fast-growing areas such as the South and West as well. Usually, public schools offer higher salaries than private schools. And the top salaries--$90,000 to $140,000 annually-go to careers in administration, especially postsecondary school administration.
Some teachers advance their career with further education and experience to qualify for executive or administrative positions as principals and superintendents. Others fill spare time with salary-boosting roles as coaches and extracurricular activities leaders.

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