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Provided by American Baptist College

American Baptist College equips students for Christian service and leadership through an interdisciplinary education emphasizing biblical and theological studies.


American Baptist College is a Bible College dedicated to educating and developing Christians for worldwide leadership and service. We are committed to providing men and women with an outstanding interdisciplinary undergraduate professional education in Bible, theology, and the social and natural sciences. We train both clergy and laity for the practice of Christian ministry and various professional social vocations. We believe in fostering an academic environment in which students and faculty dialogue about critical issues facing the church, society and world. Our holistic educational philosophy enhances the spiritual, intellectual, and social growth of our students.


Goal 1. American Baptist College will provide a comprehensive interdisciplinary education that emphasizes academic excellence and encourages growth in biblical studies, theological education, ethics and the traditions of the Christian faith.

Goal 2. American Baptist College will encourage excellence in learning, teaching, research, administration and development.

Goal 3. American Baptist College will continue to manage the resources of the College in a fiscally responsible and highly accountable manner.

Goal 4. American Baptist College will achieve the highest levels of institutional effectiveness through evaluation and implementation of programs that safeguard the integrity of our mission.

Goal 5. American Baptist College will graduate quality students who are committed to Christian standards of social justice and the full humanity of all persons.

Institutional Objectives

Objective 1. Develop a comprehensive plan for curriculum assessment, course evaluation, and student learning.

Objective 2. Develop a comprehensive computer network for campus operations that provides access to Internet services, and utilizes up-to-date software programs to improve admissions and registration procedures, fiscal management, financial aid and student services.

Objective 3. Improve library services, library holdings and library computer technology to enhance teaching and learning of students and faculty.

Objective 4. Develop student-centered programs that foster spiritual formation, ethical leadership, and Christian values.

Objective 5. Develop a detailed plan for student recruitment and retention management that includes plans for improving support of student's academic success, student housing, campus facilities, recreational activities and increased scholarship support of students.

Objective 6. Improve personnel services and support for faculty and staff.

Objective 7. Develop and implement a plan for faculty development in the areas of continuing education, scholarly research, and sabbatical leave.

Objective 8. Improve non-degree and degree programs in continuing education by developing effective strategies for theological and biblical education of church and community leaders.

Objective 9. Develop and implement a strategic plan for a capital campaign to increase the College's endowment base.

Objective 10. Develop a plan for community development and outreach for the immediate area in which the College is located.

Objective 11. Develop a comprehensive plan to improve alumni/ae relations, institutional support and communication with graduates.

Values Statement

In accordance with the mission of American Baptist College, the Board of Trustees has approved a set of institutional core values. The following list of core institutional values guide the administration, faculty, staff and students of American Baptist College in fulfilling the mission of American Baptist College.

Maintaining an ethic of care that is committed to treating all people with compassion, dignity, sensitivity, empathy and justice.

We are committed to an educational and academic environment that furthers the professional, spiritual, and personal development of students, faculty, and staff.

We recognize our obligation to safeguard the integrity of our mission by managing the resources of the College in a fiscally responsible and highly accountable manner.

We are committed to achieving the highest level of performance in all we do, at all levels of the organization. The College recognizes and rewards excellence in teaching, other scholarly pursuits, and service.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of justice, ethical, religious, and professional conduct.

Respect We encourage mutual respect among faculty, staff and students recognizing that each person is a distinct individual with specific needs and concerns.

We work together as a team, recognizing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We encourage active participation in collaborative efforts to enhance the quality and effectiveness of our teaching, outreach, service and management functions.

Accountability permeates every aspect of our organization, with each member of the College accepting responsibility for the consequences of his or her actions. Furthermore, we collectively share responsibility to insure that all activities are aligned with the College's mission and values.

We believe in meeting, or exceeding, the expectations for our internal and external constituencies.

Quick Facts

Location : Southeast
Setting :Large Town Setting
Type : Private
Size : Small (Under 2,000 Undergrad)
Affiliation: 6

Students & Campus Life

On Campus Housing : Available
Full Time Students :  74%


Students Receiving Aid :  100%


Application Fee:  $20
Selectivity:  Open Admissions

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